Let’s explore the world of quilting measurements today, where the sizes for quilts serve as the compass for comfort and creativity. The decision of size establishes the basis for all stitches and seams, turning fabric into a physical representation of warmth and craftsmanship, whether you’re making a huge masterpiece for a king-sized bed or a comforting throw for chilly afternoons.

Sizes For Quilts

I asked my grandma about quilt sizes, and she gave me some helpful info. She’s really good at quilting, so I trust what she said. Let me share the quilt size chart with you.

Quilt SizeDimensions (inches)
Crib36 x 52
Lap50 x 65
Twin68 x 86
Twin XL68 x 90
Full/Double80 x 90
Queen90 x 90
King104 x 90
California King100 x 98
Baby quilt36 x 52

Twin quilt size

A twin quilt size typically measures around 68 inches by 86 inches, fitting nicely on a standard twin bed. It provides ample coverage while allowing for easy tucking and layering.

Queen Size Quilt Dimensions

For sizes for quilts like queen size, a standard dimension is around 90 inches by 90 inches, providing ample coverage for a queen bed.

King Size Quilt Dimensions

King size quilt dimensions often measure approximately 104 inches by 90 inches, ensuring a luxurious fit for larger beds.

Full Size Quilt Dimensions

Full size quilt dimensions, commonly 80 inches by 90 inches, offer cozy comfort for a full-sized bed.

Quilt Size for Double Bed

As for sizes for quilts for double bed, it’s typically the same as full size, around 80 inches by 90 inches, perfectly suited for a snug night’s sleep.

Quilt sizes in cm 

Quilt sizes in cm 

Here are some dimensions for sizes for quilts in cm. When measuring the quilts the chart will be of great value. Here it is.

Quilt SizeDimensions (centimeters)
Crib91 x 132
Lap127 x 165
Twin173 x 218
Twin XL173 x 229
Full/Double203 x 229
Queen229 x 229
King264 x 229
California King254 x 249

Lap quilt sizes

Lap quilts, those cozy companions perfect for snuggling up on the couch or adding a touch of warmth to a chilly evening, come in various sizes for the quilts tailored to different preferences and needs. Typically, a standard lap quilt measures around 50 inches by 65 inches, offering ample coverage for one person while still allowing for easy mobility and comfort.

Baby quilt sizes

When it comes to sizes for quilts designed for babies, the dimensions cater to the cuddly needs of these precious bundles. Typically, a standard baby quilt measures around 36 inches by 52 inches, offering a cozy haven for little ones during naptime or playtime. These dimensions strike a balance between providing sufficient coverage for warmth and allowing for easy handling by parents or caregivers. However, sizes for quilts for babies can vary based on personal preference or the intended use, with some opting for slightly smaller or larger dimensions to suit specific needs or design aesthetics.

Throw quilt sizes

When it comes to sizes for quilts designed for snuggling up on chilly evenings or adding a decorative touch to a room, throw quilts offer versatility and warmth. Typically, a standard throw quilt measures around 50 inches by 60 inches, providing ample coverage for one person or cozying up with a loved one. These dimensions strike a balance between functionality and style, allowing the throw quilt to be draped over a sofa or bed effortlessly.

Bedding size chart

Bed Sizes for quiltsMattress LengthMattress Width
Twin/Single75 inches39 inches
Twin XL80 inches39 inches
Full/Double75 inches54 inches
Queen80 inches60 inches
King80 inches76 inches
California King84 inches72 inches

Note: The dimensions mentioned are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer.

Blanket sizes in cm

Blanket sizes can vary widely depending on the type and intended use. Here are some common blanket sizes in centimeters:

Blanket SizeLength (cm)Width (cm)

Note: These measurements are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the specific blanket or manufacturer.

Lap quilt size for wheelchairs

For a sizes for quilts i.e. lap quilts intended for wheelchairs, you typically want a size that provides adequate coverage without being too bulky or cumbersome. A common size for a wheelchair lap quilt is around 36 inches by 36 inches (91 cm by 91 cm) or slightly larger, depending on the specific needs and preferences of the user. This size provides enough coverage to keep the legs warm and cozy without dragging on the ground or getting caught in the wheels. Additionally, consider using soft, lightweight materials that are easy to wash and maintain.

Most common quilt block size

The most common quilt block size tends to be around 12 inches square, although variations exist. This sizes for quilts blocks strikes a balance between versatility and ease of construction, allowing for a wide range of designs and patterns to be created. It’s widely used in traditional quilt-making as well as modern quilting projects, providing ample space for showcasing intricate piecing or larger-scale motifs.

Most common quilt block size

How many 12 inch blocks in a queen size quilt?

A queen-size quilt typically measures around 90 inches by 108 inches, depending on the desired drop. With 12-inch quilt blocks, you’d need approximately 30 blocks across and 36 blocks vertically, totalling to 1,080 blocks. This calculation of sizes for quilts assumes no sashing or borders. After piecing, the quilt could then be adorned with beautiful free motion quilting to add texture and character to each block.

Pram quilt size

A pram quilt, also known as a baby pram or stroller quilt, is typically smaller in size to accommodate the dimensions of a pram or stroller while providing warmth and comfort for the baby. A common sizes for quilts for pram is around 30 inches by 40 inches (76 cm by 102 cm), although sizes may vary slightly depending on personal preference and the specific dimensions of the pram or stroller. This size is perfect for snuggling the baby while on the go or during nap time.

What size is a king size quilt cover?

The sizes for quilts of a king-size quilt cover can vary depending on the manufacturer and country, but a standard king-size quilt cover typically measures around 104 inches by 90 inches (264 cm by 229 cm). However, sizes may vary slightly between regions and brands, so it’s always a good idea to double-check the measurements before purchasing to ensure a proper fit for your mattress and bedding.

Patchwork quilt sizes

Sizes for quilts vary widely to accommodate different needs and preferences. Whether you’re looking for a cozy lap quilt to snuggle under during chilly evenings, a twin quilt to adorn a child’s bed, or a luxurious king quilt to elevate the look of your bedroom, there’s a size to suit every purpose.
Patchwork quilts come in various sizes, ranging from small lap quilts to large bed quilts. Some common patchwork quilt sizes have been mentioned in the text above.


In conclusion, understanding the various sizes for quilts is crucial for both novice and experienced quilters alike. By familiarizing ourselves with these dimensions, we gain the ability to create quilts tailored to specific needs, whether it be for a twin bed, a queen-sized mattress, or a decorative wall hanging. Through this exploration, we have learned not only the practicalities of quilt sizing but also the importance of precision and planning in the quilting process.

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