Embarking on your sewing journey is an exciting endeavor, and finding the best sewing machines for beginners can make all the difference in transforming your creative ideas into tangible masterpieces.

While the brands mentioned here may provide us compensation upon your purchase, rest assured that this will not impact our authentic opinions about any product’s placement on the list. Our commitment remains unwavering: to offer straightforward and accurate information, assisting you in discovering the best sewing machines for beginners of your needs.

Our personal Unbiased Review on Best Beginner sewing machines

Our dedicated team, driven by a passion for crafting and a commitment to excellence, has meticulously tested and evaluated a plethora of best start sewing machines. Countless stitches, meticulous adjustments, and a whirlwind of fabric later, we present to you a comprehensive guide that showcases the culmination of our efforts – a curated list of the finest sewing machines tailored to beginners.

Unleash your creativity with confidence as we unveil the results of our extensive testing, designed to guide you towards the perfect stitching companion. We acknowledge the significance of selecting the most suitable sewing machine for beginners, a decision that significantly influences various crafting and sewing undertakings. Our primary objective was to present an unbiased assessment of the leading sewing machines designed for novices. Our intention was to provide you with an authentic review of beginner-oriented sewing machines that could effectively augment your sewing journey.

List of best sewing machines for beginners

  • Best overall | Singer Start 1304
  • Best cheap | Brother GX37
  • Best for quilting | Brother XR3774
  • Best for sewing clothes | Brother SM3701
  • Best light weight | Singer M1000



Best sewing machine for beginners overall | Singer Start 1304

Singer Start 1304


  • 57 Stitch Applications
  • User-Friendly Design
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Automatic Bobbin Winding
  • Comprehensive Accessories

Best sewing machine for beginners for price | Brother GX37

Brother GX37


  • 37 Built-In Stitches
  • Automatic Needle Threading
  • One-Step Buttonholer
  • Durable Build
  • Instructional DVD

Best sewing machine for beginners for quilting | Brother XR3774

Brother XR3774


  • Wide Stitch Selection of 37 built-in stitches.
  • Spacious Work Area with over-sized table.
  • Adjustable Sewing Speed up to 800 SPM.
  • Automatic Needle Threader.
  • Durable Build.

1. Best sewing machine for beginners overall | Singer Start 1304


9.2/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 7″D x 13″W x 11.5″H

Weight: 4.4 kg

Bobbin: Front load

Stitch length: 4 mm

Stitch Speed: 350-400 SPM

Warranty: 2yr (motor), 5yr (parts)


1. 57 Stitch Applications

2. User-Friendly Design

3. Compact and Lightweight

4. Automatic Bobbin Winding

5. Comprehensive Accessories


Our evaluation, conducted meticulously by our team, reveals the SINGER Start 1304 as one of the best sewing machines for beginners. These insights are gleaned from comprehensive testing, ensuring accurate assessments of its features and performance. With 57 Stitch Applications featuring preset dimensions, crafting is effortless. Simply choose your stitch and sew away. Designed for ease, the Free Arm Model is both compact and versatile, perfect for small spaces or on-the-go creativity, weighing just 7 pounds.

Experience hassle-free bobbin winding with the Automatic Bobbin Winding feature – follow the numbered diagram, and it stops when full. The SINGER Start 1304 accessories, from All-Purpose Foot to Buttonhole Foot, equip you for various tasks. This 110-volt machine, epitomizes quality. Elevate your craft with the SINGER Start 1304 – where 57 Stitch Applications meet portable perfection.

  • User-Friendly: Perfect for beginners with easy stitch selection and presets.
  • Portable: Weighing 7 pounds, it’s great for sewing on-the-go.
  • Auto Bobbin Winding: Simplifies setup with automatic stop.
  • Versatile Accessories: Comes with various accessories for different tasks.
  • Limited Stitches: Preset stitches lack advanced variety.
  • Basic Features: Might not suit experienced sewers wanting more complexity.
  • Light Build: Lightweight design can lead to stability issues during heavy projects.
  • Voltage Restriction: Operates only at 110 volts, limiting international use.

2. Best sewing machine for beginners for price | Brother GX37


9.0/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 7″D x 15″W x 17″H

Weight: 4.58 kg

Bobbin: Top load

Stitch length: 5 mm

Stitch Speed: 850 SPM

Warranty: 5 years


1. 37 Built-In Stitches

2. Automatic Needle Threading

3. One-Step Buttonholer

4. Durable Build

5. Instructional DVD


After rigorously testing the Brother GX37 for countless hours, our expert team confidently affirms its exceptional performance and suitability making it one of the best sewing machines for beginners. This machine offers an exceptional gateway into the world of sewing without breaking the bank.  Equipped with 37 built-in stitches, including essential utility stitches, decorative options, and even stretch stitches, this machine provides versatility for a range of projects. Automatic needle threading eliminates the hassle of manual threading, while the one-step buttonholer simplifies buttonhole creation.

Brother GX37 boasts a sturdy build designed to withstand consistent use. For beginners, the included instructional DVD is a valuable resource, offering step-by-step guidance through setup and various sewing techniques. Its affordable price point, user-friendly features, and durable design make it an investment that promises both quality and convenience as you embark on your sewing journey.

  • Easy Threading: Automatic needle threading.
  • Simple Buttonholes: One-step buttonholer.
  • Versatile Stitches: 37 built-in stitch options.
  • Instructional DVD: Helpful setup and technique guide.
  • Limited Advanced Features: Geared towards beginners.
  • Basic Design: May not suit complex projects.
  • Less Stitch Variety: Fewer options for advanced users.
  • Manual Adjustments: Some settings require manual tweaking.

3. Best sewing machine for beginners for quilting | Brother XR3774


9.0/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 5.8″D x 15.3″W x 12″H

Weight: 6.8 kg

Bobbin: Top drop in

Stitch length: 5 mm

Stitch Speed: 800 SPM

Warranty: 25 years


1. Wide Stitch Selection of 37 built-in stitches.

2. Spacious Work Area with over-sized table.

3. Adjustable Sewing Speed up to 800 SPM.

4. Automatic Needle Threader.

5. Durable Build.


After thorough testing, our team has unequivocally identified Brother XR3774 as one of the best sewing machines for beginners for quilting choice. Discover the perfect companion for your quilting journey with the Brother XR3774 sewing machine. Tailored for beginners, its user-friendly features make quilting a breeze.

The wide variety of 37 built-in stitches and the oversized table provide ample space for your creative projects. The adjustable sewing speed up to 800 SPM allows you to work at your own pace, while the automatic needle threading saves time and frustration. The Brother XR3774’s exceptional quilting capabilities, backed by its reliable performance, make it the ultimate choice for those stepping into the world of quilting. Unleash your creativity and embark on quilting adventures with confidence using this exceptional machine.

  • Beginner-Friendly: Designed with novices in mind, making it easy to learn and use.
  • Smooth Operation: The machine’s consistent performance guarantees frustration-free sewing.
  • Versatile Stitch Options: A wide array of stitches accommodates various sewing and quilting projects.
  • Quick Setup: Effortless setup allows you to dive into your creative endeavors swiftly.
  • Limited Advanced Features: Might lack some high-end features sought by experienced sewers.
  • Basic LCD Display: The display might lack the complexity of more advanced models.
  • Noisy Operation: The machine’s noise level during operation could be noticeable.

4. Best beginners sewing machine for sewing clothes | Brother SM3701


9.2/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 5.8″D x 12″W x 15.3″H

Weight: 5.6 kg

Bobbin: Top drop in

Stitch length: 4 mm

Built-In Stitches: 37

Warranty: 25 years


1. Adjustable Stitch Length and Width

2. Built-in Light

3. Easy Stitch Selection

4. Versatile Accessories

5. Free Arm Design


After careful analysis of its features, our team has deemed it one of the best sewing machines for beginners looking to sew clothes. Discover the Brother SM3701 sewing machine with its impressive 37 unique built-in stitches, ranging from decorative to blind hem, zigzag to stretch stitches, and even an auto-size buttonhole feature. Seamlessly thread your needle with the automatic needle threader, and enjoy hassle-free bobbin changes with the jam-resistant drop-in top bobbin.

The package includes 5 quick-change sewing feet like zigzag, buttonhole, zipper, button sewing, and blind stitch feet, along with accessories such as bobbins, needles, twin needle, and more. Ideal for the beginners to advanced users, this versatile sewing machine’s free arm design suits a wide array of everyday sewing clothes.

  • User-Friendly: Simple and intuitive, ideal for newcomers to sewing.
  • Diverse Stitches: Wide stitch selection encourages creativity and versatility.
  • Efficient Threading: Automatic needle threader streamlines the threading process.
  • Smooth Bobbin Handling: Jam-resistant top bobbin ensures hassle-free bobbin changes.
  • Limited Advanced Features: May lack certain features desired by experienced sewers.
  • Basic Buttonhole: Auto-size buttonhole may not offer intricate customization.
  • Material Compatibility: Might struggle with heavy or complex fabrics.
  • Noise Level: Operating noise could be slightly higher compared to more advanced models.

5. Best light weight beginners | Singer M1000


9.0/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 11.4″D x 5.1″W x 9.4″H

Weight: 2.4 kg

Bobbin: Top drop in

Stitch applications: 32

No. of Stitches: 4

Warranty: 1 yr /25 yr


1. Easily secure seams by sewing stitches in reverse.

2. Adjustable Thread Tension for fine-tune stitches.

3. Quick Threading Guides

4. Easy Stitch Selection

5. Lightweight & Portable


After thorough testing, our team has successfully confirmed the functionality and benefits of the SINGER M1000 sewing machine considering it one of the best sewing machines for beginners in light weight. The SINGER M1000 sewing machine offers 32 stitch applications, covering key sewing techniques such as straight and zigzag stitches, blind hems, and multi-stitch zigzag. Its top drop-in bobbin system ensures easy threading and clear thread monitoring.

The machine features a free arm design for convenient sewing of smaller projects, while the stitch selector dial makes stitch selection a breeze. Weighing only 2.5 kg, it’s lightweight and portable, ideal for small spaces. Other features include a reverse lever, adjustable thread tension, and quick threading guides. Our testing demonstrates its suitability for mending and working with lightweight fabrics, while noting that heavier fabrics may warrant a full-size machine for optimal results.

  • Convenient Stitching: Provides a variety of stitch options for essential sewing tasks.
  • Effortless Threading: Transparent bobbin and clear instructions make threading easy.
  • Handy for Small Projects: Free arm design aids in sewing smaller, intricate items.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Simple stitch selection and lightweight build cater to novices.
  • Limited Heavy Fabric Use: Not recommended for sewing thick or heavy materials.
  • Basic Stitch Selection: May lack advanced stitches for intricate decorative work.
  • Moderate Thread Tension Control: Adjustments might be limited for certain fabrics.
  • Restricted Large Projects: Not designed for heavy-duty or extensive sewing projects.

Best Beginner Sewing Machines Brands

  • Best small | Bernette 33 Swiss design
  • Best portable | Brother XM2701
  • Best Hand-held | Singer 01663
  • Best for home use | Janome Sewist 721
Best small beginner’s sewing machine | Bernette 33 Swiss design
Bernette 33 Swiss Design
  • Features: 0.19 kg, 5 mm Stitch Length, Front load, 860 SPM
Buy on Amazon Read Full Review
Best sewing machine for beginners portable | Brother XM2701
Brother XM2701
  • Features: 5.7 kg, Top-drop in, 4 mm Stitch length, 27 built in, 800 SPM
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Best Hand-held beginners sewing machine | Singer 01663
Singer 01663
  • Features: 0.3 kg, on side, straight single stitch, 1 year
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Best beginner-friendly sewing machine for home use | Janome Sewist 721
Janome Sewist 721
  • Features: 6.4 kg, Top loading, 19 Stitches, 850 SPM, 25/5/1 year warranty
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1. Best small beginner’s sewing machine | Bernette 33 Swiss design


9.0/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 17.1 x 8.7 x 13.3 inches

Weight: 0.19 kg

Bobbin: Front load

Stitch Length: 5 mm

Stitch Speed: 860 SPM

Warranty: 10 years against defective materials, 2 years electrical parts


1. 15 Versatile Stitches

2. Adjustable Stitching

3. User-Friendly design with a semi-automatic needle threader and drop-in bobbin

4. Sturdy Build for reliable stitching

5. Compact Design and lighter in weight


We’ve come to understand the features of the Bernette 33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine through testing and research. The Bernette 33 Swiss Design Sewing Machine is a versatile and user-friendly best sewing machines for beginners. It offers 15 built-in stitches, including utility stitches, decorative stitches, and buttonhole options, catering to a variety of sewing projects. The adjustable stitch length and width allow for customization. With a sturdy construction, it ensures consistent stitching and comes with an easy-to-use threader for quick setup.

The machine features a semi-automatic needle threader, adjustable presser foot pressure, and a drop-in bobbin system for convenience. Its compact size and lightweight design make it ideal and one of the best sewing machines for beginners and those with limited space.

  • Easy Setup: The semi-automatic needle threader simplifies the threading process.
  • Diverse Stitches: A range of built-in stitches accommodates different sewing projects.
  • Convenient Bobbin: The drop-in bobbin system makes winding and inserting easy.
  • Sturdy Performance: The robust build ensures durability and steady sewing.
  • Limited Stitches: While versatile, some advanced stitch options might be lacking.
  • Basic Buttonholes: Buttonhole variety may not satisfy complex garment designs.
  • Foot Pressure: Adjusting the presser foot pressure might require some practice.
  • Intermediate Users: Advanced sewers may require more features for intricate projects.

2. Best sewing machine for beginners portable | Brother XM2701


9.4/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 12.1 x 5.9 x 15.3 inches

Weight: 5.7 kg

Bobbin: Top drop in

No. of Stitches: 27 built-in

Stitch Length: 4 mm

Stitch Speed: 800 SPM

Warranty: 25 years


1. Versatile Stitches

2. Automatic Buttonholer.

3. Quick-Change Feet

4. User-Friendly Design

5. 25 years Warranty and Support


Our experts have come to the opinion that the Brother XM2701 sewing machine is ideal for various everyday sewing tasks so, consider it one of the best sewing machines for beginners. It’s great for both beginners learning to sew and experienced sewers seeking versatility. With 27 built-in stitches, including decorative and quilting stitches, as well as an automatic one-step buttonholer, it’s designed for ease of use.

The machine comes with 6 quick-change sewing feet, making tasks like button sewing and hemming convenient. Other features include a free arm for sewing cuffs and sleeves, easy needle threading, jam-resistant bobbin, and automatic bobbin winding. It’s affordably priced and backed by a 25-year limited warranty and online technical support.

  • Variety of Stitches: The machine’s 27 stitches cater to different sewing needs, enabling creative projects.
  • Ease of Use: Features like automatic buttonholer and easy needle threading simplify sewing tasks for all levels.
  • Quick-Change Feet: The assortment of sewing feet enhances versatility and saves time when switching tasks.
  • Warranty: A 25-year limited warranty provides long-term assurance, supported by online technical help.
  • Limited Advanced Features: While great for beginners and general tasks, the XM2701 lacks some advanced features for intricate projects.
  • Speed Control: The machine’s speed might be too fast for some users, limiting control during intricate stitching.
  • Plastic Components: Certain parts are made of plastic, which might affect long-term durability.
  • Thicker Fabrics: Handling very thick fabrics might pose a challenge, as the machine is more suited for lightweight to medium fabrics.

3. Best Hand-held beginners sewing machine | Singer 01663


9.0/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 2.25″D x 9″W x 7.5″H

Weight: 0.3 kg

Bobbin: on side

No. of Stitches: straight single stitch

Warranty: 1 year


1. Portable Convenience.

2. Single Thread Feed.

3. Versatile Usage

4. Complete Package i.e. comes with threads, bobbins, needles, and thread spindle.

5. Battery Powered.


Our experts have reached the conclusion that the SINGER 01663 Stitch Sew Quick Portable Mending Machine is a versatile tool designed for convenient repairs and temporary basting. Tailored for lightweight fabrics, it comes with threads, bobbins, needles, and a thread spindle, ensuring you’re prepared for various tasks. The machine is cordless and handheld, offering exceptional portability for quick fixes around the house.

Powered by AA batteries, it grants the freedom to work without constraints. Its user-friendly design includes a power switch for safe operation. From bedding to curtains, this compact mending machine proves indispensable for everyday household fabric repairs. Please note that it contains small parts, making it unsuitable for children under 3 years old.

  • On-the-Go Repairs: Compact size allows for quick fixes anywhere in your home.
  • User-Friendly: Simple single thread feed suits both beginners and experienced users.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Works effectively on various lightweight materials.
  • Portability: Cordless operation offers unrestricted movement during projects.
  • Limited Stitch Styles: Only offers a single basic stitch style.
  • Lightweight Fabrics Only: Best suited for lightweight fabrics, not heavy-duty materials.
  • Battery Dependence: Requires AA batteries, which need regular replacement.
  • Minimal Features: Lacks advanced functions found in larger sewing machines.

4. Best beginner-friendly sewing machine for home use | Janome Sewist 721


9.2/10 Our Score


Dimensions: 7″D x 16″W x 11.9″H

Weight: 6.4 kg

Bobbin: Top loading

No. of Stitches: 19

Stitch Speed: 850 SPM

Warranty: 25/5/1 year


1. Easy 19 Stitches

2. Simple 4-Step Buttonhole

3. Bright LED Lights

4. Fast 850 Stitches per Minute

5. Convenient Free Arm Design


According to sewing experts of our team, the Janome Sewist 721 Sewing Machine stands out as an excellent choice for both newcomers and occasional sewists. The machine’s 19 integrated stitches, including stretch and buttonhole options, offer versatility for various projects. Noteworthy features such as Adjustable Foot Pressure, Built-in Needle Threader, and Drop Feed enhance its usability.

The machine’s lightweight design facilitates easy transportation, while the included hard cover ensures secure storage. With a sewing speed of up to 830 stitches per minute, LED lighting, and precise feeding through a 4-piece feed dog system, it caters to efficient and accurate stitching. Experts emphasize its quality, affordability, and the comprehensive accessory package, making it a reliable sewing companion.

  • Diverse Stitches: Enjoy 19 stitches, including stretch and buttonhole options, for a range of creative projects.
  • User-Friendly Features: Built-in needle threader, adjustable foot pressure, and drop feed enhance convenience.
  • Portability: Lightweight design and a foldable handle make it easy to carry to sewing classes.
  • Speedy Stitching: With a sewing speed of up to 830 stitches per minute, projects get done quickly.
  • No Screen: The machine lacks a digital screen for stitch selection.
  • Limited Memory: It doesn’t have built-in memory for saving custom settings.
  • Basic Font Options: The machine doesn’t offer a wide variety of font choices for sewing text.
  • No Thread Sensor: There’s no automatic sensor to alert when the bobbin thread is running low.

Pro-tips for sewing with Best sewing machines for beginners

Here are some pro tips for beginners who are sewing with their new sewing machines:

  • Read the Manual: Get to know your machine’s functions before you start.
  • Practice Threading: Master threading for smooth sewing.
  • Choose the Right Needle: Match needles to your fabric type.
  • Test Stitches: Try stitches on scrap fabric first.
  • Start Slow: Begin sewing at a manageable speed.
  • Hold Fabric Firmly: Guide fabric gently for even stitches.
  • Backstitch: Secure seams at the beginning and end.
  • Trim Threads: Keep your work tidy, trim excess threads.
  • Change Needles: Replace needles regularly for best results.
  • Keep Clean: Clean your machine for optimal performance.
  • Use Quality Thread: Invest in good thread to prevent issues.
  • Prewash Fabrics: Wash fabrics before sewing to avoid surprises.
  • Press as You Go: Iron fabric for a professional finish.
  • Experiment: Test on scrap fabric to learn and explore.
  • Enjoy: Have fun and enjoy the creative process!

Computerised or mechanical sewing machine – which one is best for beginners?

For beginners, choosing between computerized and mechanical sewing machines depends on preferences. Mechanical machines are user-friendly, durable, and budget-friendly, ideal for basics and simple projects. In contrast, computerized machines offer advanced features like automatic threading and stitch selection. They have a learning curve but help skills grow faster. For simplicity and affordability, pick mechanical. For exploring stitches and features with more learning, choose computerized. Consider your comfort level and project type when deciding.

What factors to consider before buying a beginner sewing machine?

When buying a beginner sewing machine, keep in mind factors like ease of use, available stitch options, machine durability, and your budget. Prioritize user-friendly controls, stitch variety, durability, and cost when choosing a beginner sewing machine.

What is the easiest fabric to sew with a beginner sewing machine?

Cotton is often considered the easiest fabric to sew with a sewing machine. It’s stable, doesn’t slip, and has a medium weight that’s manageable for most machines. Its consistent weave makes it predictable, allowing beginners to focus on practicing stitches and techniques. As you gain confidence, you can gradually explore sewing with other fabrics like linen, flannel, and simple knits when using the best sewing machines for beginners.

More than twenty years ago, we embarked on a journey of evaluating sewing machines. Back then, sewing technology wasn’t as advanced as it is today. Over time, we’ve thoroughly researched and assessed various sewing machines, including those designed for sewing leather, models from brands like Brother and Singer, industrial sewing machines, and more.

When compiling this guide for the best sewing machines for beginners, we took a comprehensive approach. We conducted interviews with a diverse array of individuals, including experts in the field, home sewers, industry professionals, and passionate sewing enthusiasts. Additionally, we gathered insights from garment sewing factories through detailed questionnaires, aiming to grasp the intricacies of their offerings and services.

Selecting the best sewing machines for beginners demands careful consideration. Once you’ve pinpointed the suitable beginner’s category, the next step is to assess the features you desire. Whether for home or professional use, numerous brands offer options. Automated models streamline stitching with pre-programmed functions, while manual counterparts provide hands-on control.

Once you’ve identified your preferred type, delve into its features. Like other sewing machines, beginner models enable you to enhance your sewing experience by adding attachments and accessories as you progress in your basic home sewing journey. Ultimately, opt for a sewing machine that matches your skill level and sewing aspirations, leveraging its adaptability and diverse choices.

We’ve been really careful while picking out the best sewing machines for beginners. We chose machines that are made really well and have cool new ideas. We thought about all kinds of sewing needs, whether you’re just starting or really experienced. We checked things like how well they sew, what they can do, and if they last long.

Our aim is to give you great choices, whether you’re just beginning or want to get even better at sewing. We did a lot of research and learned a lot about sewing machines over time. So, we found out which features and extras are super helpful. That’s why we picked machines that have:

  • The right level for beginners or experienced folks and fit different projects.
  • Machines that can work on their own or let you control them i.e. either manual or automatic.
  • Lots of cool features like different stitches, automatic threading, and ways to change stitches.
  • Machines that stay strong and do a good job, according to what people say i.e. durability.
  • Machines that fit your budget and give you good stuff for the price.
  • Machines that come with good promises and help if something goes wrong i.e. warranty.

We did a big testing process to find the best sewing machines for beginners and to make sure they’re really good. For a few weeks, we checked them out a lot to see what they can do. We tried different ways of sewing on different fabrics and things that were easy and hard to make.

We looked at how straight the stitches are, if the machines last long, how easy they are to thread, and how they work with fabrics. We also looked at how easy they are to use with buttons and stuff, and if they need a lot of care. We wanted to tell you exactly how well each machine works for all kinds of sewing jobs

Our Final Opinion on best sewing machines for beginners

In conclusion, our team has chosen the “Singer Start 1304” as the best overall beginner sewing machine. This selection is based on its exceptional combination of user-friendly features, reliable performance, sturdy build, and its ability to handle various fabrics and projects with precision. The “Singer Start 1304” stands out for its simplicity for new sewers, while also offering the versatility and quality needed to grow skills and tackle a wide range of sewing tasks.

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