Are you interested in improving your sewing abilities? Look no further than the argument between Automatic vs Manual sewing machines! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started as a beginner, selecting the appropriate sewing machine can have a huge impact on the ease, speed, and quality of your finished project. Whatever the machine type may be, it is important to choose the best sewing machine for leather. So, which one is the best? So just get a dive into this article to check out! 

Main types of sewing machines

In earlier times, when the sewing machine was invented, few hours were spent sewing a project and it was considered better work since it consumed less time as compared to hand sewing. Since the sewing machines were invented it was a very marvelous idea to sew clothes now with the help of the machine.

Over time, people moved from using manual sewing machines to the newer, more convenient electrical ones. This transition paved the way for the advanced automatic and industrial sewing machines we have today, changing the way we sew and create garments.

Manual sewing machines 

A manual sewing machine is operated by hand and is more time-consuming. The features of this sewing machine are mostly hand-operated. They are not computerized and are not in digital format. Whether it may be the threading of a sewing needle, winding of the bobbin, stitch selection, or other features. Everything is controlled manually. Therefore there are fewer expectations when we are using a manual sewing machine in comparison to automatic sewing machines. 

Automatic sewing machines

In contrast, first of all, hopes suddenly change when you are using an automatic sewing machine. If you’re sewing a flag, for example, an automatic sewing machine can be particularly useful as it can significantly reduce the time and effort needed to complete the project and is still it is far better than a manual one. Furthermore, if you want to customize your t-shirt you can use cricut maker to design it.

Output and product are better than being laborious and being too tired of putting up your efforts where you know that the end you will end up with a backache, or cervical or muscular pains after these exertions so it is better to enjoy your task of 101 sewing by using an automatic and computerized machine that will be a wonderful choice for you! Automatic sewing machines like Singer hd6380, JUKI TL-2000Qi, Singer 4411 HD, and Brother ST150HDH are able to sew leather with ease.

Visual representation of Automatic sewing machine

What’s different? – Automatic VS Manual Sewing machine

Design selection

Unlike the modern technology of automatic sewing machines, the manual sewing machine consists of dials for the selection of designs and stitch size and stitch length whereas an automatic sewing machine is also known as an electric sewing machine due to the pre-installed software inside the machine, which allow you the selection of a perfect machine for beautiful embroidery designs, built-in stitch variety, create buttonholes and automated needle threader.

Control over stitches

In a manual sewing machine there is more control over stitches and stitches are set with a dial whereas, in automatic sewing, machine stitches are already built into the processor, and are set up with one click only.

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Time consumption

Manual sewing machines were more time-consuming but now these sewing machines have been replaced by super-fast and less time-consuming automatic sewing machines. 


Most importantly old designed manual sewing machine productions have also declined over time. In advanced countries, there are no old manual machines used neither they are produced nor are they marketed because it is the era of computerized machines where you just plug the switch in the socket and press the button only!! It saves time and uses less electricity and makes you earn money by sewing.


Another major difference between automatic vs manual sewing machines is that Manual sewing machines have no LCD in comparison to others that have an LCD. But still, manual sewing machines are feasible due to their simplicity of use whereas automatic ones are complex to use. 


When comes to button holes manual sewing machines can sew only one single type of button holes but automatic ones can sew a variety of them. 

Visual representation of a button hole

People are ready to enjoy their hobby. They are ready to invest in this market and earn money by utilizing their hobby into making money through it. In that way, sewing is a relaxing and productive hobby and people do not mind spending a little more to invest and buy an automatic machine. 

Well, as far as convenience is concerned consider earlier times when it was considered okay to spend no. of hours stitching a product and then take it outside to get it over-locked, then get the button holes done by some other person, but nowadays when everything is fast so is sewing, when people have lesser time and more work to do then everything must be on click of a button.

You must own a sewing machine that is upgraded and you can do all the stitching, designing, button fixing, over-lock, Pico, and everything you want from your machine you can have by just sitting in one place. In the case of an automatic machine, your designs are saved in the memory card of the machine and you can create duplicate designs as many times as you want your machine to do. 

Which sewing machine is budget-friendly?

Can you think of an automatic sewing machine that is budget-friendly? It is for sure that automatic sewing machines are comparatively more expensive than manual sewing machines. So manual sewing machines are always more feasible on the budget but if you take overlook the features of an automatic sewing machine it is all in one.

They are not all costly as compared to the exclusive features that they are providing. A manual machine is at the basic level and is designed for persons with all sewing experiences. But an automatic sewing machine is advanced at all levels of sewing. However, some manual machines have some automatic features available like automatic needle threaders.

What is a computerized sewing machine?

The sewing machine that uses computer technology for its operation is called a computerized sewing machine. It has all computer-operated options for selection like stitch selection, embroidery selection, and others. It is mostly software operated. Brother CS7000X Computerized Sewing machine is very wonderful to sew denim and other heavy duty fabrics.

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What is a mechanical sewing machine?

A sewing machine that would be operated mechanically is called a mechanical sewing machine. This type of sewing machine has mechanical controls and a simpler design that is easy the usage and maintenance for the user. Due to the mechanical controls of the mechanical sewing machine, it is considered more reliable and user-friendly in comparison to computerized sewing machines. 

Visual representation of a mechanical sewing machine

What is the difference between computerized sewing machines and mechanical sewing machines?

The main difference between computerized sewing machines and mechanical sewing machines is that computerized sewing is operated by a computer and uses software for its controls while mechanical sewing machine uses mechanical controls for sewing. Both sewing machines have gains and losses in their perspectives and it is only dependent on the user which machine he would prefer for his use. Check how to buy a sewing machine before buying a sewing a sewing machine.


In a conclusion, keeping all the aspects of automatic vs manual sewing machines in mind, according to my opinion, if you can afford an automatic sewing machine, just go for it because it is all in one! But still, both sewing machines have their positive aspects and drawbacks and your selection is all dependent on your budget and your priority of utilization.

Juki Automatic VS Juki Manual


It’s vital to think about things like the kinds of projects you’ll be sewing, your sewing ability, the features and functionalities you’ll need, and your budget when purchasing a sewing machine. Look for a device that is reliable, simple to use, and backed by excellent customer service and a guarantee.

The preferences and needs of the user will determine this. Although they are often more expensive, Brother automatic sewing machines provide more features and functionalities that can make sewing simpler and more convenient. Brother manual sewing machines are easier to use and can be better suited for beginners or those on a tight budget.

The lifespan of an automatic sewing machine varies depending on elements including usage volume, upkeep, and building quality. An automatic sewing machine can survive anywhere between five and twenty-five years with the right upkeep.

Seam failures in both automatic and manual sewing machines can be addressed by ensuring proper threading, correctly positioning the fabric, and using appropriate needles and threads for the fabric type. For automatic machines, understanding and adjusting the machine settings is key, while manual machines require careful manual control.

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