Identification of the right sewing bobbin case

Identification of a right sewing Bobbin case plays an important role while understanding the sewing machine parts because Bobbin cases are the artistic backbone of any sewing machine, helping to keep the thread in its place and running smoothly.

Without the identification of a right sewing bobbin case and right needle, our sewing projects such as flag sewing would unravel faster than a ball of yarn in a room full of cats. These bring balance to our stitching, ensuring that every stitch is sewn with equal tension and love. The unique different designs of bobbin cases, like a cheese wheel, adds flavor and character to every project, making it one of a kind.

Without the identification of a right sewing bobbin case the sewing machines can not function properly. The bobbin is tiny cylindrical spool that holds the underlying thread of sewing machine. The bobbin is inserted in a bobbin case and this will help the sewing machine to create a variety of beautiful stitches. Bobbin case is the part of the sewing machine in which bobbin is placed at the time of sewing. Therefore it is also called a bobbin holder.

How to insert a bobbin case

What are the types of bobbin cases?

The two primary bobbin case designs are drop-in and front-loading/side-loading. Regardless of the type, the identification of the right sewing bobbin case is very easy, as both automatic and manual sewing machines can use either drop-in or front-loading/side-loading bobbin cases. However, the majority of contemporary sewing machines, whether automatic or manual, have drop-in bobbin casings, as they are the most prevalent design in modern machines.

Since the bobbin is simply dropped into the case and then pushed into the machine, they are simple to use. On the other hand, physically threading a bobbin into a front-loading bobbin case is necessary before it can be introduced into a machine.

In identification of a right sewing bobbin case, among both mechanisms always remember that BOBBIN IS INSERTED IN A BOBBIN CASE!

Top load (Drop in) bobbin cases

  • It is the more familiar style and easier way.
  • It is called drop in because we just drop the bobbin into the bobbin case down inside the sewing machine.
  • This type of bobbin cases is a non problematic way.

Front load/Side load bobbin cases

  • This type of bobbin case requires more precision.
  • Adding this bobbin cases is a little technical way.
  • Most industrial machines have this bobbin cases.
  • The bobbin is inserted in the bobbin case and then bobbin case is inserted at the side or front of the machine where the space is made.

Difference between drop in and side load bobbin cases

Top load (Drop in) bobbin cases

  • Easier to use
  • We just drop the bobbin into the bobbin case down inside the sewing machine.

Front/Side load Bobbin case

  • More technical
  • Bobbin is inserted in the bobbin case and then bobbin case is inserted at the side or front of the machine where the space is made.
Bobbin cases and its types

How would you select the right bobbin for sewing machine?

The identification of a right sewing bobbin cases is done depending on the weight of the thread or the type of fabric you are sewing. You must be aware that what type of bobbin case your machine uses. This information can be available to you by the user manual.  You may adjust the tension of the thread in the bobbin depending on the type of thread you are using.

Tensions of bobbin cases must be accustomed from time to time because the bobbin cases are in use for so much time so they should be replace after some time. While working with extra heavy fabrics you must purchase an extra bobbin case for backup so they if one may get lose you have the other one.

If your new sewing machine has got two bobbin cases then, no need to worry at all. One bobbin is for primary sewing while the other is for embroidery. This feature is particularly useful for leather sewing, where you may need to switch between thread types frequently. The bobbin for standard sewing has its tension set already according to normal sewing while the other bobbin for embroidery has its tension set accordingly. You must read the manual to identify which bobbin case is for which purpose.

Replacing a bobbin case

After some time, bobbin casings may deteriorate or wear out, at which point they must be changed. Irregular stitching, thread breakage, or improper bobbin rotation are indications that a bobbin case may need to be changed. Additionally, it’s crucial to confirm that the bobbin case is appropriate for the particular sewing machine like Singer hd6380 if it is being used.

The user should take help from instructions written in machine guide to learn replacement of an old bobbin case so that the sewing machine can become safe from damage. Depending on the brand and model of the machine, this procedure may differ, so it’s critical to carefully follow the directions.

It’s critical to maintain clean bobbin casings in addition to replacing worn or broken ones. This can be accomplished by cleaning out the casing of any dust or dirt that may have accumulated by using a soft bristle brush.

Importance of bobbin case

  • In order for the machine to unravel the thread without making any harmful motions, it tenderly and tightly curls up the bobbin.
  • Additionally, the bobbin casing gives the thread on the bobbin the proper tension, allowing for the development of even and balanced stitches.
  • Without a bobbin, it is impossible to sew stitches that are useful. As a result, any sewing machine must have a bobbin case.
  • Be sure to select a right bobbin case that is appropriate for your sewing machine, thread, and fabric because when it comes to sewing, like sewing snap buttons and buttons like 4 hole onto various fabrics, the correct bobbin case can make all the difference.
  • Although it is possible and used to be normal practice for our grandparents, replacing pieces of your sewing machine, such as the bobbin case, isn’t recommended anymore. This is especially important if you are using your sewing machine for specialized tasks, such as sewing wigs, as altering the bobbin case can negatively impact the quality of your work. A worn product is one that shows signs of damage on a specific area of the case.
  • It is ideal to change out the entire bobbin case to ensure even wear. They are much simpler to update than they ever were, generally available, and affordable.
  • It is crucial to use the right bobbin in every sewing project especially when sewing denim since the upper thread will overlap the top of the bobbin case. The sewing machine will become immovable if the bobbin is of not the proper size because the thread will be bunched in the needle so in order to avoid the problem the bobbin case of proper size must be used.
  • The bobbin case also aids in keeping threads in place for cutting in machines with an automatic thread cutter.


In summation, identification of a right sewing bobbin case is an essential component of a sewing project and is essential to make sure the machine stitches correctly. Bobbin cases are essential ingredients in the recipe for a successful sewing project, adding stability, balance, and character, all in one cheesy package! It is possible to extend the machine’s lifespan and make sure it keeps working properly by doing routine maintenance and replacing worn-out or broken casings۔ we have also written a guide for buying a sewing machine.


Depending on the brand and type of the sewing machine, bobbin cases are not all the same. Poor stitching or machine damage might arise from using an unsuitable bobbin case. It’s crucial to operate the bobbin case that the manufacturer specifies.

Class 15 bobbins are suitable mostly with the class 15 bobbin case, which is what most Brother sewing machines are using. To make sure the proper bobbin case is being used for a particular model, it is best to consult the handbook or get in touch with Brother Customer support.

Class 15 bobbin cases are used with low-shank Singer sewing machines, while top-loading bobbin cases commonly are used with some drop-in bobbin machines, and vertical vibrating hook bobbin cases are used with other models of Singer. To ascertain the proper bobbin casing for a particular machine, it is crucial to consult the handbook or get in touch with Singer customer service.

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