How to sew on a Shank button?

You can easily become a victor when comes the learning of how to sew on a shank button if you are provided with the right guidance. No matter whether you are a professional or a beginner in this sewing field, sewing a shank button can add a spice to your craft. By learning few basic steps, a beautiful touch of decency to your clothes.

But, I’ll walk you through the straightforward and basic steps of how to sew on a shank button in this post. This article will provide you the know-how and skills required to confidently sew on a shank button to a blazer, dress, or shirt. Let’s get going now and see how to sew on a shank button like a champ!

How to sew a shank button – Step by step

If you’re wondering how to sew on a shank button, you’ve come to the right place! In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the steps needed to attach a shank button to your garment. So, let’s get started!

How to sew a Shank button?

Step 1: Pick up your materials

When learning how to sew on a shank button, you’ll need a few initial materials to pick up

  • Shank button
  • Thread (matching or contrasting, depending on your preference)
  • A sewing needle
  • Your preferred clothing (on which you have to apply button)
  • Scissors
sewing a shank button Step 1: Pick up your materials

Step 2: Needle threading

Passing the thread from the needle’s eye, commonly referred to as “needle threading,” is the first step in sewing a shank button. So, take hold of your thread and “enter it through the needle’s eye,” being careful to leave a tail dangling from the other side. After correctly threading the needle, you are prepared to sew on a shank button.

Threading for sewing a shank button

Step 3: Define the spot for shank button

How to sew on a shank button involves deciding where to attach it to your garment. Take some time to consider the ideal placement for your button and when you’ve decided, hold it securely in position. You can mark its exact position with a fabric marker or a pin to ensure that it will be attached correctly.

The following step may seem insignificant, but it can make a significant difference in the overall appearance and functionality of your button if you follow it closely. Getting the placement of your shank button right will enhance the look of your garment as well as ensure that it stays secure, so take your time here.

sewing on a Shank button

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Step 4: Begin sewing on a shank button

When learning how to sew on a shank button, this is the main step where you begin to sew on a shank. Push the threaded needle up through the cloth from the bottom to the top, exactly where you pointed your location. Make sure to leave a long enough thread tail so that once the button is firmly sewn on, you can tie a knot behind the fabric’s back.

Then, place the shank button on the top of your sewing needle so that it sits directly on top of the fabric where you forced the needle to pass through earlier. Using one hand, attach the button while using the other to drive the needle back through the cloth and into the previously created shank.

Begin sewing on a shank button

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Step 5: Produce a shank

Make a shank first if you’re asking how to sew a shank button on. This is an essential part which ought to be skipped. Once the button is in place, you may start making on the shank. Use your threaded needle to tightly wrap your thread around the button’s base while keeping the button firmly in place with one hand. It’s critical to provide a little space, or shank, between the button and the cloth in order to ensure that your button sits snugly and reliably on your clothing.

How to sew shank button

Step 6: Make your thread safe

The last step is to knot your thread after making a shank for your button. Your efforts shouldn’t unravel after a few uses, promise! Just next to where you came up through the fabric, grab your needle and press it back down. Your thread will form a loop as a result.

After that, carefully insert your needle into the loop and tug the thread tightly. This will tie a knot in your thread that will keep it in place and keep your button from slipping undone. The shank button is then firmly fastened to your garment once the strength of the knot has been determined. Trim off any extra thread.

Sewing a shank button Step 6

Step 7: Tie a knot at the end

Making loops is a necessary step in sewing a shank button on, but after you’ve made the required number of rounds, it’s time to complete the process. Use your needle to push the cloth away from the shank button as you push it downward through the fabric to achieve this.

Once you’re confident that the thread is fastened, tie a knot in it, being careful to keep it strong enough to hold without stretching your cloth. In order to avoid accidentally undoing all of your hard work, carefully cut off any extra thread. Your shank button is now finished and ready to wear once the knot has been firmly secured and the extra thread has been cut.

How to Stitch shank button

Felicitations, you are now able to sew on a shank button with the help of this tutorial! By following the above mentioned simple steps, you are now able to attach shank buttons to any clothing you wish. Wish you best of luck!

Sewn shank button


As a final verdict, I can say that sewing on a shank button is a factual skill that needs tolerance, and devotion to minute detailing. But the outcome for become skilled at this technique is a dress that is stylish and grabs attention of all. By succeeding the 7 trouble-free steps, you are able to sew a shank button which will be firm and decent and it will enhance your skills also.

Therefore, move forward, take a step and trial with different materials, buttons, and use variable colors of threads in order to create your exclusive appearance and let people know about your creative skills.

How to Sew on a Shank Button

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