Brother-cs7000i Review

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine has been purchased and thoroughly tested by our team, with many hours dedicated to analyzing its output. Our review is solely based on the machine’s performance and the writer’s observations, ensuring an objective and factual assessment.

We all have seen technology entering our houses when we were kids firstly in the form of automobiles, televisions, and then sewing machines. So now just be ready to sew your dreams into reality because automatic and computerized sewing machine like Brother CS7000i has stormed into our homes! From making Crafts to doing repairs of apparel, the sewing machine has transfigured our way of creating things. So all you have to do is to grab a piece of cloth and take deep dive into the world of sewing and crafting!

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My review of Brother CS7000i sewing machine

Being the person who would have spent hours testing and using a sewing machine, I can say how much important it is to own a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient sewing machine to bring your ideas to reality. That is the reason that I can say that this Brother CS7000i sewing machine has the potential to be a game-changer. After several weeks of testing it in my home, now I am very excited and eager to share my thoughts about this very efficient high star, and excellent-rated sewing machine. 

Specifications of brother Cs7000i Sewing machine

So as far as sewing is concerned sewing for me is like an art of creation, a creative mindset and a skill that has developed in me, and now since the day when Brother CS7000i sewing machine came into my home, my life has become much easier so much that I had never thought of doing so!

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All those fancy dresses that I had ever thought of purchasing or I had designs in my mind now with the help of this sewing machine, now I can sew them and my life in sewing has become relaxed. I have found my perfect sewing partner now. All I have to do is to select the right thread for sewing and just get started. Now I spend more time with some beautiful sewing machines like Singer 4411 and many more, since these are useful addition to my home.

I have been sewing for many years and I have owned many different types of sewing machines but these days the one I am talking about is my favorite one because of its versatile features. The top drop in bobbin is easy to wind and the latest model has an additional 10 built-in stitches as compared to the previous Brother CS6000i. Now we would take a quick overview of this sewing machine. 

Reasons to buy 

There is a superb list of versatile features of these sewing machines which gives us solid reasons to buy. Let us have a look at the wonderful features below!

Automatic needle threader

A delightful sewing machine with a variety of functions for both beginners and experienced sewers is the Brother CS7000i. Can you believe it has an automatic needle threading system in it? The automatic threading feature saves time and effort and makes the threading of the needle much easy and simple for those who have poor eyesight it would be much easier for them. 

70 built-in stitches

This sewing machine is automatic and computerized means that the computer-controlled interface of this sewing machine makes it simple to choose from a choice of multiple stitches. Although the sewing machine has a remarkable choice of 70 built-in stitches, it is important to ensure that you are using the right sewing needle for each stitch. Whatever design comes to your mind with any decorative stitch no need to shy over it because it has an option of 70 built-in stitches which is quite a lot of options available. 


The machine also features a sizable LCD that makes it simple to view the stitch that has been chosen and make necessary setting adjustments. LCD provision makes it easier for the user to get in hand with it and quickly choose what to select among a variety of options available quickly and easily. The LCD of the sewing machine not only helps in easy navigation around different stitch options but also helps in the clear visual display of what the user has selected. It also helps in improved precision to exactly know and selecting the specifications for accurate stitching. Also, it is a time saver as every setting is just at one click.

Built-in accessories

Its handy built-in accessories are another fantastic feature. Several presser feet, like a buttonhole foot, zipper foot, and walking foot, are included with this machine, making it simple to complete a variety of sewing assignments.

Speed control function

Its speed control function is one of my favorite functions. This makes it simple for me to change the machine’s pace, which is very useful when dealing with delicate materials or when I want to go slowly to ensure accurate stitching.

Finishing of fabric edges

The Brother CS7000i sewing machine excels at fabric edge finishing with its built-in overcasting stitch, neatly enclosing raw edges to prevent fraying. This feature ensures a professional and polished look for every project, making it ideal for achieving clean and durable seams. Whether hemming, seaming, or edging, this machine guarantees a clean and professional finish for all your fabric edges.

Quilting and sewing feature

This is a machine that can handle both quilting and sewing. If you are interested in any of these two, this Brother CS7000i sewing machine will be the best choice for you. The makers of this machine have designed it in a user-friendly way that is easier for the operator to use. 


Sewing with the sewing machine itself is not scientific work, it just adds spice to your skills and Brother CS7000i definably knows how to add spice to your crafts and enhance your profitability. You may sew gifts for friends, make home decoration items, do quilting, make face masks, make designed clothing, and sew flags etc. on anything of your choice that comes to your mind at a high speed of 850 Stitches per minute!

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This sewing machine was constructed to be durable. It is made of top-notch components and built to survive repeated use. Additionally, the equipment is simple to maintain. Despite all the maintenance, if any sewing problem arise, it can easily be solved by using simple solutions.

Pros and cons of Brother CS7000i

Additional features

This sewing machine creatively sews snap buttons, elevating garment designs. Its versatility extends to fabric embossing, imprinting intricate patterns for artistic flair. From tailored buttonholes to intricate embellishments, it fuels imaginative crafting endeavours.

Reasons to avoid

Among all these positive aspects of Brother CS7000i, the sewing machine does not own an automatic thread cutter which I find irritating sometimes. Also, the sewing space of only 7 inches is not enough but I have solved my problem by buying an extra table for it. Despite doing quilting and sewing this sewing machine does not do embroidery for me and I feel sad about it. Never mind! I still love my sewing machine. 


In summation, I wholeheartedly suggest the Brother CS7000i sewing machine to anyone searching for a multipurpose, premium machine that is user-friendly and long-lasting. It has a ton of features that make sewing simple, and its computerized interface makes choosing between different stitches and adjusting settings simple. Therefore this is a great option. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced sewer, you may also visit our guide why you need a sewing machine.

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Yes, Brother CS7000i has the capability of quilting as well as sewing. It is feasible for quilting at every skill level and is an affordable option for quilting in comparison with other sewing machines. 

Brother CS7000i uses different types of thread i.e. cotton, silk, and polyester thread depending on the type of fabric that is being sewn.

Brother CS7000i is a sewing and quilting machine, not a heavy-duty machine. Therefore it is not recommended to sew heavy-duty fabrics like leather and denim on it.

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